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The Texas Rattlesnake: Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you want to be dropped on that stack of dimes you call a neck, gimme a Hell Yeah!!!

Everybody has that one hero growing up, whether it is a musician, a footballer, an actor, a character in a cartoon, a superhero or whoever. We all have brilliant childhood memories of these figures that once they spring to mind in the present day – you are immediately taken back to those ‘good ole days’.

8 Reasons Why You Should Drop All Your Halloween Plans and Just Watch “Hocus Pocus”

Halloween. For most kids my age, Halloween means vodka-infused pumpkin spiced lattes, dressing up like sluts, and getting wasted beyond remembrance. For me, however, Halloween involves a much more sacred tradition: Watching Hocus Pocus.

Israel As it Gets

This summer Israel spent a great deal of time in the news, and not in a good way. I wanted to buck that trend and recognize Israel for something amazing it has been doing since 1999 that I was lucky enough to experience myself, just as Operation Protective Edge began.

Giving Props to Paul George – AKA “El Trece”

Everyone and his brother has given Paul George props for his on-court performance. He’s a 2 time NBA All Star and a franchise player for the team who was the favorite to win last year’s NBA Championship. I don’t need to reiterate the basketball accolades of PaulStar. I need to give him props for the way he’s handled adversity at the age of 24.

On the Outside Looking In

Growing up in Indy, we were conditioned by our surroundings to stay close with the groups we grew up with. We still call each other the North Central kids, the Carmel kids, the Cathedral kids. Rarely did anyone go outside of their comfort zone, because there was no reason to… you had multiple middle schools feeding into a high school, and a whole new array of people to get to know. As one who has been able to break the mold, it’s time I gave props to my new patna dem.


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