A Social Media App to Recognize Others

CyberProps is the world’s first recognition-based social media platform with the goal of increasing human interaction. It is a framework that is designed to give “props” (or “proper recognition”) to the people, places, things, and ideas that worth recognizing. Egotism has found its home in popular social media sites, and CyberProps aims to provide its citizens with an oasis of selflessness. It is a breath of fresh air amongst the narcissistic fog that clouds other social media outlets.. It is a platform for recognition, a stage set to show the world your positive feelings.


Respect, Respect.

CyberProps represents a new generation of people committed to praise, recognition, and gratitude of all things big and small.

With a Blog to Give Props to Those Who Deserve It

CyberProps citizens from around the globe submit props articles to our blog. It is our way of spreading the CyberProps message beyond the confines of the CyberProps society. These articles have evolved into a cornerstone of our mission to spread respect in the form of recognition. You can submit your own props articles to giveprops@cyberprops.com.


24 Lessons I Learned in 24 Years

A few weeks ago on May 6th, marked my 24th birthday! I’m so excited for this year because I know it will be all about growth + change, which I am so ready for! In honor of turning another year older, I thought I would share some of the wisdom I gained along the way (I like…


More Than A Race

Imagine for a minute the distant roar of 2.2-liter twin-turbo V6 engine traveling miles from the IMS in every direction.  The vibrations grace the ears of all those it passes; for myself, I was probably wrapping up my 200th free throw on the run-down court by the creek at my grandmas house in 1997 when I…


The Last Man Standing

When I was a young guy, from ages 10-15 if I had to guess, every Memorial Day marked a dreaded experience: The Indianapolis 500. My grandpa would take my uncle and I to the race every year as a form of male bonding and camaraderie. Unfortunately, at this age I had the attention span of a…


Indy 500 Fashion: Redneck Couture

I use fashion in the loose sense here because we’re not talking Giorgio Armani’s new Summer 2015 collection debut. Let’s be honest, we’re not even talking about the sale rack at The Gap. Indy 500 attire takes on a whole new fashion genre I like to call Redneck Couture or Haute de Kentucky. With the…


The Indy 500 Experience

My mother and her 8 brothers and sisters grew up on the West side of Indianapolis, just a few blocks from the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. From my grandmother’s porch, for one fantastic month every year, you can hear the undeniable hum of the IndyCars as they speed around the track. As kids, my uncles…


To Alcohol!

A wise man once said, “To alcohol! The cause of…and solution to…all of life’s problems.” Actually, I’m pretty sure that was Homer Simpson, but it doesn’t make it any less true. It’s race week ladies and gentlemen, so without a doubt we can all relate to the different types of drinkers we’ve collected for you today.…


Congrats Grads, We Made It

Props to that “oh shit” moment you have when you realize that college bar prices are a thing of the past, and you realize that you are now an adult. It’s an eye-opening experience to receive your $40,000 piece of paper and be thrust into the world like an empty beer can on the tailgating…


Kain Carter


CyberProps blogger gives not only props but recognition to YouTuber Kain Carter – comedian, advisor and workout enthusiast. Watch her full VLOG below:

Irish Twins

Think back to a time when you were trying to “rally the troops” for an expedition out on the town… A time when you got up early to start a day of partying and needed one more companion to join… A time when the morale of an entire group rested on one more person accompanying…