A Social Media App to Recognize Others

CyberProps is the world’s first recognition-based social media platform with the goal of increasing human interaction. It is a framework that is designed to give “props” (or “proper recognition”) to the people, places, things, and ideas that worth recognizing. Egotism has found its home in popular social media sites, and CyberProps aims to provide its citizens with an oasis of selflessness. It is a breath of fresh air amongst the narcissistic fog that clouds other social media outlets.. It is a platform for recognition, a stage set to show the world your positive feelings.


Respect, Respect.

CyberProps represents a new generation of people committed to praise, recognition, and gratitude of all things big and small.

With a Blog to Give Props to Those Who Deserve It

CyberProps citizens from around the globe submit props articles to our blog. It is our way of spreading the CyberProps message beyond the confines of the CyberProps society. These articles have evolved into a cornerstone of our mission to spread respect in the form of recognition. You can submit your own props articles to giveprops@cyberprops.com.


To A Lost Hour

Tupac poured a drink out for his lost loved ones and fallen brothers as a sign of his sincerest reverence… The military fires 21 guns… The Irish drink… Loved ones scatter ashes… But the seasons have only one way to tip their hat and that is sacrificing time. I see daylight savings time as a…


Hamna Shida – Eastern Africa

Culture plays such a large role in shaping who we are not just as individuals, but also as a society. You don’t consciously think about learning your culture, it’s something that is engrained in you through your environment, from birth. So, what happens when someone leaves the safety of their homeland and enters into a…


The Challenge of Soccer

I love playing soccer so much that I’ve been playing it fairly consistently for about twenty years now, even if it is just pick up games in the park more than anything now. As far as exercise routines go, that’s infinitely longer than I’ve ever been able to stick with Zumba, weightlifting, running, yoga, Pilates,…


15 Indianapolis Restaurants to Try in 2015

I like to think I’m what you would call a “Foodie”. I like trying new restaurants from a hole in the wall diner to James Beard award winning cuisine. I’ve made it my mission to try new and up-and-coming places around Indianapolis, which is why I wanted to share with you a list of 15…


Letting Our Wonder Rule the World

Curiosity kills the cat.  A phrase I have always found unfortunate.  I believe that curiosity kills nothing, but instead brings to life a whole new side of ourselves.  Our generation’s fantastic sense of wonder is brought on by none other than that good ole fashion curiosity.  Thanks to things like technology the world is more…


Hot Sauce: The Spice of Life

This is not for the faint of heart. I’m talking about that spicy sauce made from chili peppers. In my life, it is the condiment that goes on pretty much anything. The hotter the better is all I ask. It adds a zest to even the blandest of foods. If you are not a hot…


The 10 Times Pizza Deserves Props

I am 6 years old, instead of focusing on my addition and subtraction I have been planning and plotting all day and now my moment has finally come. Dad comes home and I slyly walk up and muster up all the 6-year old, missing teeth, can’t pronounce my R’s adorableness possible and say “Daddy, I…


Duos for the Ages

We all have a specific duo that really strikes a chord in our hearts.  Below are some of the ‘Lunch Break Boys’ favorites and a little bit about why… Think back to your favorite duo and share with us. Prop Bless Karl Malone and John Stockton: one, a small, weird looking fellow that appears as…


Toughest Decisions You’ll Make in Your Twenties

The reason tough decisions are tough is because they are proverbial forks in the road. They say that most people will make 5 major decisions that will define where they end up in life. For some, these decisions seem insignificant at the time, but later reveal their profound impact—Butterfly Effect type stuff. Tough decisions are…