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Props: Mothers

Fifty-five years old! It is important to take a deep breath and acknowledge age as well as the effort some of our parents have put into us. Fifty-five years old! That is my mother’s age and even at this age, she is still going strong trying to make life a lot more comfortable.

My First Gay Wedding Experience

Something happened to me in my life, although it now feels like a dream. It was a fall day, around noon. It was no Indian summer either (pardon the racism.) This was like the mid-50’s where an over-portly person like myself can be seen putting on a long-sleeve plaid flannel, leaving it on for about five minutes, then taking it off because I get all sweaty.

World Class Crossroads

When I was approached by this blog inviting me to give props I had to think long and hard about it. What one thing has just been killing it? Is there one idea that deserves recognition for shining through it all? Well, since college graduation 2 years ago I’ve worked in Chicago and Dallas, and now I’m living back in full-time Indianapolis for the first time since high school. So after that whirlwind, what one thing encompasses it all? What one place is always there with open arms, offering family, friends and abundance of things to do? Its simple: Indianapolis. The Circle City. The Spaghetti Bowl. Naptown. Call it what you want, but this charming, family-oriented, sports obsessed, crossroads of a city is killing it right now.


Today, I want to give props to kickball. To the beloved school yard game of everyone’s childhood and the hardcore sport that women in Indianapolis between the ages of 9 and 40 play. Yes, that’s what I said, and that’s what I meant. When people think kickball, they think of the red squishy ball, playing in a grass field and all this wimpy BS. That’s for pansies. And every time someone suggests I join their “intramural kickball league” I have to decline because I can’t bring myself to play fake kickball, I just can’t. REAL kickball, CYO Kickball in Indianapolis, is a girls-only, play on black-top, all out competitive sport where the Catholic schools in Indianapolis have leagues beginning in 4th grade to compete against the other schools in the area for the glorified honor of the city championship title.


Props: The Geist Community A few weeks ago, my comrades gave recognition...


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