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Your First Love: Your First Car

Think back to when you passed your test for your drivers license,...

Wanna Feel New? Quetico Canoe!

This past July I had the privilege of taking a 10 day canoe trip in some of the most pristine wilderness on our continent, Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Can you imagine being able to simply dip your water bottle in the lake when you were thirsty? It was a humbling remembrance of what modern industry and society has destroyed in the majority of lakes and rivers. Oh sweet boundary waters, so pure and revitalizing! And let me tell ya, there’s something about paddling ~65 miles with a group of strangers and portaging with an 80 pound canoe on your shoulders through the rugged Quetico terrain that really changes you.

Props To Fantasy Football

The roar of the arena gets into your spirit and you’re forced to join in with a Neanderthal-like shout. You react to the sound of two helmets crashing with the clenching of your teeth and disposition on your face. You just witnessed a man dehumanize another man, and you do not feel in the slightest bit empathetic. What the hell is wrong with you?! Absolutely nothing. You’re a barbarian, and you enjoy nothing more than watching gladiators spar until the clock reaches 00:00.

A Legacy of Solace

When my son Stephen McNulty died, he was a senior at Cathedral High School. I can’t even begin to write about the devastation or heartbreak that occurred. Instead, I want to tell you about the beautiful things that occurred and continue to happen since his death.

After Stephen died, we wanted to do something in his memory on his high school campus. Who knew that what began with a couple of pieces of scrap stone, a prayer and some hope would transformed into a beautiful piece of art with many stories to tell?

VLOG: Beauty Products

DiVoye is back again to give props to two new beauty products she has tried this month! Check it out below:


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